Initially called the Montana but later retitled Country, VW´s prototype for a cross country golf first appeared at the 1989 Geneva Show. A fuel-injection engine and four-wheel-drive syncro system were combined with radically revised suspension mountings to give the vehicle a genuine off-road capability.

The production started in April 1990 by Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeugtechnik in Graz/Austria.  Basis for the Country was the Golf CL Syncro, four doors. Build by the Wolfsburg factory and send to Steyer for converting the standard Golf into the Golf Country. The adaption of the Golf Syncro consist of intermediate frame, guard rails, spare tire carrier, rear end collision guard rails, and chassis etc.

In October 1991 a total of 7.735 cars had been produced (including the chrome-edition of 500).

The basis of the Country before their entrance into the factory in Steyr

To get the Country done, 438 parts were added to the original Golf CL syncro.

Pictures from the assembly line

And finally, the finished product